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Lower your energy bill

Thinking about solar? We are pleased to offer SolarWorld products and solutions. Solar World’s commitment to quality has powered our success for more than three decades. Unlike manufacturers of disposable electronics like cell phones and laptops, they create sophisticated solar technologies designed to produce clean energy for at least 25 years—even in some of the harshest weather conditions like blizzards, high winds, hail and coastal sea spray. From inception to installation, they meticulously control and sustainably execute every step of the solar panel manufacturing process. The result is maximum, cost-effective performance from every SolarWorld panel, every time. Schedule your free solar energy consultation with Barnes Bargains today.

Made in the USA!

Barnes’ Bargains offers incentives to GO GREEN!

  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Free Estimates
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Professional Sales, Service and Installation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint!